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Greetings Community,

Summer is in full swing, time is flying by. Before we know it, the seasons will change and Coloma will go back to being a sleepy little river town.  Marcos has been a part of this community for 25 years. We have proudly been owners for 15 years.  In this time we have seen it blossom into a well loved community spot that families, friends, guides and tourists can enjoy. We have worked hard to serve great food in a comfortable environment where all are welcome.   Over the years we have overcome many challenges and hardships and persevered.

Unfortunately, we have reached the end of the line and this will be Marcos Cafe’s last season as we know it. 

The landlord and his development partner have decided that they would like to develop the property.

We have been unable to secure a long term lease for the last 7 seasons.  After our most recent request we were told they will not be signing a long term agreement until their development plan is formalized with the county and implemented.  They mentioned their  “plan will include a business like Marco’s. Whether it is Marco’s or another entity is yet to be determined and won’t be determined for likely a couple seasons”.  We have offered to buy the property or even sell Marcos’ Cafe to the current landlord so the new owners can transition into the community, but were told they do not need to buy the business and won’t be doing so. 

Running a restaurant is not an easy job, doing it in a seasonal town makes it even more difficult.  We feel very grateful to have succeeded in building the business up into what it is today. We have worked hard to create and maintain a network of connections from musicians to wineries and breweries and the many businesses involved in the industry.  We have hired so many young members of this community and watched them grow up and out into the world. 

We would love to continue to see Marcos grow and prosper if we have the opportunity to do so. We have decided to not continue due to the lack of lease longevity.  For the last few years, not knowing if we have another season, maybe two at most, has compounded stress that we can’t keep overcoming. We wish we didn’t have to close but we cannot continue in this way with no secure future. 

Many of you over the last few years have told us how heartbroken you are that this place will no longer be here.  Trust us, our hearts are broken too.  Many of you have asked what you can do to help, so we ask you to come support us this last season, dance, make more memories, share your stories and love for the place that many consider a second home.  Maybe some of you know of a different location we could move to. Anything helps. 

We will be putting together a site where people can write down their support in hopes that maybe it changes the future. We will run Marcos until the end of October and continue to celebrate the good times until then.

Thank you for the support over the years, without you all we would not have something to be so proud of and sad to lose.  We look forward to hearing from you. See you on the dance floor.  We will be hosting The Divide Chamber of Commerce mixer this Tuesday at Marco’s Cafe. Please feel free to join us and meet your local area business owners. It is a great local organization that is full of support and a good opportunity for networking.


Justin & The Boyd Family

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We’d love to hear about your times with us at marco’s cafe. Use the comment section to write down a memory or story of your favorite experiences with the best people we know. Even if our doors are closing, our memories will be saved here to reflect and think fondly of.

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  1. Matthew Sasser

    🙏 for a resurrection however, wherever, whenever. Thank you Marco’s fir everything you gave to the community.

  2. It was an extreme lack of foresight if the previous owners of the marcos property didn’t think their would be grieving and blowback for not selling to Justin and family. I will miss all the different genres of music that i saw grace the stage at marcos. I will miss the open mike nights. I will miss seeing this beautiful community dance together outside under the stars. Thank you for all the wonderful years Justin, Laila, Veronica, and employees. I still have hope that the property will be sold to Justin.

  3. A place to go where you know you will find good friends and familiar faces. A place I learned that even if it’s just a familiar face, kindness is strong. A place where families go and feel ok about keeping their babies out just a little later then their bed time. There is no other place like Marcos! We have had the fortune to move back to Lotus in a time in our lives where Marcos is an amazing outlet for us. A place to go with the whole family and we can ALL enjoy. We have a one year old who loves to dance. He is happiest outside, and the atmosphere at Marcos provides him with such joy. It is a wonder to witness. I can’t imagine staying in Lotus without Marcos. What Justin and Veronica have created there is the heartbeat and soul of the town. They have a gift of serving the community with grace and love.

  4. Marcos gave me an incredible community with amazing people when i first moved to the area. I will never forget the memories made Here. The Deep connections we all made as a result of this place, speak to the effecT marcos has had on us all. No matter what the future holds, the spirit and memOry remains.

  5. Marcos Halloween show was absolutely amazing last night. The way the community came out to support our local spot was unmeasureable. I’m so sad this may be the end of this beautiful place. So many memories made here with family and friends. It is an unreplaceable venue. I really hope the property owners reconsider. Our town needs this place, Justin, and his beautiful family to continue to bring the positive vibes and love to our COMMUNITy

  6. MaRco’s is the life of the Lotus/coloma area. It brings a sEnse of COMMUNITY. Great food, a grEat venue for the many tAlented musicians in ouR area And a great place for anyone to ENJOY a varietY of peoples. The ATMOSPHERE is friendly And happy. It would truly be sad if it has To go awAy.
    We love marco’s cafe!!

  7. I’m just another community member crushed by the thought of marco’s not opening next year. It’s been an amazing place to connect with friends and make new ones. as a person that doesn’t drink alcohol I’m very picky about my NIGHT-TIME hangouts. This place fits the bill for families, young raft guides, visitors and people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy food drink and music in a welcoming friendly fun environment. super bummed, I work way too much in the summer on fires and am always looking forward to and hoping I get to spend a night at my favorite place to refill my tank.

  8. The Jamrowski/Bohringer Family

    Marcos & our family celebrate a 25th ANNIVERSARY together of when we came TO the Coloma area. Our kids as Toddlers to our parents in their 80’s have come together to Marcos as a family & FRIENDs Fav & staple through the years. We always came after every water adventure to share stories & spend priceless TIME together in an Environment that no matter what the age, was enjoyed by all.. IT also became a fav to all of our out of town visitors for IT’S very unique & fun atmosphere found no where ELSE & requested with return visits. It’s saddens us that again our county is losing another priceless & irreplaceable gem to the greed of outsiders. We so pray that the owners realize that what Justin & his staff have created cannot be replicated & find some way to work together. We know we will not support the new management if not resolved as will not be the SAme and will follow where Justin & the real Marcos goes. Many BLESSINGS & love to them for all they have given us through the YEARS😘❤️🍻🍕

  9. My husband and I recently had the honor of playing music at MarcO’s for the first time, and we Could clearly see from one night there how marco’s is Deeply loved by the community. It was love at first site and first bite for us at Marco’s! This place is very special, and any Business That Would threaten to shut them down will likely not have a warm welcome. I hope a resoluTion is made that allows this beloved establishment to stay in business and keep bringing the community together as it has for so long!

  10. This shall not stand! Marcos is to lotus like rafts are to the river. My wife (girlfriend at the time) brought me here to meet her family and raft back in 2007. Several rafts, swum rapids, and summers later, we have enjoyed many a pizza and pitcher on the patio listening to music. It’s a rare thing to have a river town vibe and losing marcos will, well suck… where the hell are we going to enjoy a beer when it’s 110 outside now?

  11. Marcos has been a constant And very mUch welcomed fixture In the Coloma commUnity for as lOng as i can REmEmber!! There is a real lack of family friendly restaurant environments and MarcOs absolutely fIts the bill. We As a community hope thaT a balanced reSolution between Marcos and the current owner can be found – it wouLd be devastating For the location, as well As the community, if it were to disappear. Its not just about the food and music – its providing an amazing space for the community to gather! Long love Marcos!!

  12. I’ve lived in EDC for ten years, but technically have come to Marco’s for twelve. I knew once I had their awesome potato pesto and garlic pizza that this place is special. Not to mention the wonderful environment of music, outdoorsy folk and the community gathering from the divide to celebrate life at such a beautiful setting.
    That’s just it, there is no place like Marco’s and truly never will be. Replacing it with something for more capital gain and for someone’s benefit is taking away a gem of a place that people like myself confide in, look forward and really, map their summer and early fall season around. I can assure you that whatever steps you wish to take with the property would not be received well nor supported throughout any lapse of time.
    Please keep Marco’s in our existence, our community and your hearts to RECONSIDER the grave and potential loss of a safe space. You’ll regret losing such a place.

  13. I lost my husband 2+ years ago along with my desire to actually live any sort of life, I literally just went through each day just going through the motions until I wandered over to Marcos’s really just not wanting to spend yet another day alone. The 1st time I went I literally stood alone and listened to the amazing music and was absorbed by the life I witnessed going on around me and when I left I had this overwhelming desire to want to start actually living life again. I went home and told one of my daughters about how I felt and when I returned I brought my daughter and her 5 children who were also struggling with the loss of her father because I told her it’s a place where families gather and she also left with new found hope. We have since made amazing friends and have made Marcos a major part of our life. Marcos’s literally gave me back my life.

  14. You have made Marco’s a wonderful institution for the Foothills. I’ve enjoyed playing there, gathering with friends, coming to see other musicians play. You’ve always made everyone feel welcome. I’m so sorry the developers cannot recognize the value added you bring to the community.


  15. NOOOOO. Marco’s gives Coloma its sense of place, the way it looks, its history, its music, the feeling you get there. I certainly won’t go to any new business there in that location if the developers feel it necessary to put out a thriving local business to build something “new.” Marco’s has been river life for guides and river staff, guests, and locals for 25 years – you are an institution in Coloma. Thank you Marco Coloma, for many good times. Wishing you the best.

  16. MarCos is a unique and SPECIAL EXPERIENCE that no one can replicate, what Justin does and the ENVIRONMENT he has created is part of the COMMUNITY, and supported by our community, 💯. Any new MANAGEMENT wont only fail to provide what we already have and love, it will not be supported

  17. marcos is the main place to go on a friday or saturday night, iv been going there since i was around 6 it is my favorite hang out spot to go hang out and dance and meet with friends, being a 15 y.o. living in lotus its the best part of my week because thats the main thing we have to do here thats fun for teens. i know most of the employees and have made some great friends there and made some awesome memories with my family there in the past few years, im really disappointed that this is there last year and i will do anything i can to help them keep marcos. this past summer my weekends have had the same plans, i go to work across the street, then go over to marcos right after to have some fun and dance and see my friends. im going to miss marcos alot and its not going to be the same without them. RENEW their lease please!!!!!

  18. Marco’s is an essential center of community in Coloma-lotus. not just the business but the positive feelings and support it brings every year. it’s a mistake to believe the success Marco’s has can be replicated – the previous two eateries at the site failed. To lose Marco’s subtracts from the good of the Valley.

  19. I am adding my name to the “Petition” with the following thoughts:

    There is so much lost opportunity here. We are a community of diverse interest, and yet, we manage to come together in amazing ways. One of them is through music. and food. and dancing. at marco’s.
    This isn’t by accident, and it’s not just because that’s where the music is. This is a culture that has been carefully crafted by propietors who cultivate mutual respect and allow all to feel welcome. It’s the people that make this happen, not a structuure (or lack there of, as the case may be!) It is not just a matter of “if you build it they will come,” and I wager that the developers may be in for a surprise when whatever fancy new venue is built and it doesn’t draw people in.

    rather than bringing about more divisiveness and animosity (which we really don’t need any more of in our society!) why not CONSIDER WORKING COLLABORATIVELY? I ask the landowners: can’t you try and find a way to come together to serve our community in a way we already know that works?
    I can all but guarantee this would be more rewarding than the current course of action – both karmicly and financially.

  20. Marcos is One of the most speciAl places I’ve ever eXperienced. This place is a staple for the community to gather and share music, food, drinks, and create a little magic. When i heard the news that this will be marcos Last season i was crushed… i cant imagIne how the community will recover from thIs enormous Loss for lotus. For the landlord to let greed win over the goodness, love, anD community this places creates is devastating. I hope something can be done to right the wrong of closing marcos.

  21. Marco’s importance to the River community cannot be overstated. We ask that the landowner shows Respect for what this business has built up with hard work and heart. Please renew the lease.

  22. Welp… what a pleasure it has been to perform and hang out at your fantastic establishment. It is truly a summer highlight for us, some of our Rubber Bullet Band’s most high energy shows have been at Marcos!
    I sincerely hope that the property owner comes to his senses and offers you a new lease at fair terms. Don’t they realize that literally anything that happens there if Marcos is gone will fail?
    With such a small, tight knit, word-of-mouth community that is completely united in support of Marcos, anything else in that location that isn’t Justin’s version of Marcos will fail, you can bank on it!!!
    Best of luck to you guys, and here’s to sincerely hoping that a resolution is found before it is all over.
    Thanks guys for all the memories!!

  23. forcing marcos to close is short-sighted and irresponsible – this will affect the entire community. coloma won’t be the same without it.

  24. It only takes one visit to marco’s while there is a live music PERFORMANCE going on, to see the magic of the place! It is “The” sacred, happy, lively spot, where all are welcomed in lotus/coloma; where locals and out of towners Come together as one; where even those inTroverts have “never met a strAnger” and Can Be caught at least mouthing the words to familar tunes. To the owner of the proPerty: i politely ask that you please leave Marco’s “AS is” and let the smiles, music and formation of community on a regular basis CONTINUE; it is tHe right thing to do. Thank you for yoir time and consIderation. SINCERELY ~ Taira Byrne

  25. Love Marco’’S❤️Loving, Beautiful place, wonderful people, unique, Happy, No hype there!
    Marco’s is Real, special like no other place. Please respect Marco’s & DO NOt destroy something so important to the hearts of so many.

  26. Marcos is a community gem. We have been making MEMORIES there for 20 years! From my husband Dan the mad monk Playing one man shows on the “new” deck to the Red Dirt Ruckus THROWING down a dance party…I REMEMBER my kids learning to walk /RUNNING CIRCLES AROUND the marcos BUILDING, praying they would’nt get smacked by the kitchen door as they Zoomed around- Now as teens its a safe place for them to come and be with friends and get on the dance floOr-No other BUSINESS could replace the home grown COMMUNITY GATHERING that happens at Marcos-Thank you Justin for All you have put into creating a gathering place, eatery, live music, and community-An act that CERTAINLY cannot be followed.

  27. The short sightedness of planning a new development without honoring and consulting with the existing successful business owner occupying the space is a recipe for disaster. Please acknowledge the role that Marco’s plays in keeping this community together and include jb and Veronica in your discussions. Losing Marco’s will literally change the entire town and not in the good way.

  28. Stephanie Aufdermaur

    Family. This one word describes the feeling you get when you walk in to this place. Even if it is your first time there. To take this place away from this community of river folk and those who come to enjoy the area would take away ……Family.
    Please allow this wonderful place and its amazing owner to remain. In the years I have been coming to this place. I’ve always had the feeling of coming home to Family.

  29. Marco’s is a huge part of my life and I feel as though I have been shaped by this restaurant/culture to be a better human. I grew up in Garden Valley and didn’t know much about the river culture just down the hill. I started working in the Colotus area at 16 and by the age of 20 was lucky to get hired at Marco’s because it was THEE spot everyone wanted to be and work at. Through the seven seasons I was lucky enough to work at Marco’s, I put myself through college and got a degree. During that time I was also exposed to so many peoples, ideals, and beliefs from all over the world that all seem to congregate at Marco’s. I was encouraged to travel and so I did. I feel as though Marco’s has helped me grow into a more open-minded and curious person, something I feel the world could use a little more of. It has helped a small town girl achieve success and become the first of her family with a college degree. The owners of Marco’s have created a special place that is raising our local young people to be tolerant, inquisitive, and successful individuals.

    Now I’m an RN, still living locally, and lucky enough to come mingle at the special place that is Marco’s. The charm, spirit, and magnetism of Marco’s is unique and a direct reflection of the owners’ imaginations, enthusiams, and devotion. It cannot be replicated. This place would not be a fraction as magical as it is without the imagination and spirit of the owners. Keith, please consider the community’s plea and allow the owners to continue supplying the magic into Marco’s and the community.

    1. RHonda♥️♥️

      Love you Haley!!! It was really rough as we watched the place close permanently. We didn’t like to watch the seasons end, because we knew therE’d be a wait to go sit or dance with our family and friends In such a welcoming and wonderful place. Our children are from Auburn and sacramento, and all would gladly meet uP there because the food was consistent, and the people were warm and loving. We loved coming to see you and Matthew, justIn and Veronica and little man.
      Im hoping this is just a temporary glitch, that justin puts up a big sign and says, “ hey guys just kidding!! We’re back!!” We have loved you all for so many years!!! That little spot will always be marc0’s no matter what they try to turn it into.
      BRING MARCO’s back!!!!!!🫶🏼🫶🏼♥️♥️💘💘🥰🥰

  30. Too many memories to put into words. Marcos holds a special and dear place in my heart. It is a place that welcomes everyone. The laid back vibe, the awesome music, the friendliness (thank you Justin and Veronica!!!!!), and the sense of community are like no other in the area. Please do not take this special place away from our community- a spot like this is so unique and brings so much value to everyone. One love

  31. MArcos has always been the one place you can always count on in Coloma to have good music and food going on. It is the place that epitomizes what coloma is all about. Losing marcos will leave a huge hole in the river community and would be a travesty for the general public.

  32. Marcos Represents our community. It is Our gathering place, our welcome home, our friends forever near and far. It is where many of us started our young adult lives and Where many of us teach and Enchant our young kids. IT means so much more to me Then any outsider Could ever imagine. I am SADDENED that the land owneer never grew to know and love marcos the way so many of Us River families do. Please pay your respect to this community, this river family and dont take this away from Us. It is our home and Our heart.
    Annie burkhart

  33. Tim Ajeet Campbell

    The scene at marcos Is unlike anywhere, a unique hub for our nOrthErn California sub cuLture. The music is AMAZING. ITS such a special glimpse Into the world we grew up in, small family style business with character. If there was to be a new business come and try to replicate it, It Wouldn’t be the same and instead of a local hang spot it would just be another tourist trap.

    Im graTeful for the time i spent there. It was a good run.

  34. I have so many fond memories of marco’s Cafe, with plenty of pics and videos to prove it! This venue has the best food, the best bands and the best crowds around. Very popular spot. I have been a band photographer/videographer in the area since 2018, and Abandon Theory at marco’s Cafe was one of my very first gigs in Coloma, and it was nastalgic to cover them this past weekend once again. Replacing a deep-rooted fixture within the local and tourist communities with an outsider is a surefire recipe for disaster. Regulars of the beloved Marco’s Cafe will automatically feel resentful for whoever tries to come in and “Do it better” without appreciating how great it already is. the area doesn’t need “progress.” It needs partners and leaders who have already proven themselves over time and again to value the vibe that keeps bringing us back, time and again. Marco’s is irreplaceable. I hope we all don’t have to learn that the hard way.

    My favorite memory of Marco’s is my first video gig for Abandon Theory there. It was the most insanely joyful experience I’ve ever had with a crowd that size. I have yet to shoot in any other venue that carried that much enthusiastic fandom on such a consistent basis. Rudy had a light-up drum set. I brought my 360 camera. Bot was on hand with his saxophone. I met genuine die-hard fans of the band who I have since befriended in their numerous appearances since. the food was amazing.

    After meeting the owner and sitting down to talk about the history and the future of the site, I realize what everybody has been trying to tell me – Justin is the maestro for the harmonious vibe that resonates around the place. He’s the reason why the place is so universally “Cool” among so many different groups of people, and that explains why the place works so well with both locals and tourists, which is usually a clash of interests at so many other familiar names in the divide.

    I hope I won’t have to, but I’ll miss Marco’s if it doesn’t come back. I have no intention of supporting the forces behind it’s termination and whatever they have plans next. YOu can’t kill something eveyone loves and expect them to love you in it’s place. that’s not how it works.

  35. Offering a long term lease or buy option. That’s the only way. The magic that exists at Marcos is from the sweat and love of the Boyd family and crew. Noone can recreate it. Nor would another endeavor be supported. I ask you hear the voice of the community. We will be heard, one way or another.

  36. Lisa boNd. DoubLebow7

    For those of you that know me – I wear my heart on my sleeve. Last night we played at Marcos. So much love and joy from everyone……locals, friends, fans from far away, tourists, all the beautiful staff and young people, and especially Justin and Veronica. The speech that I made that Marcos is eternal and the energy that Justin has created is unique and a treasure for all of us. I will support Marcos through any transition they may go through – wherever you end up Justin and Veronica – we will follow. And walter too.

  37. Oh he’ll no!!! We need marcos….
    There is no other place like them.. I love the vibe, food and music…
    Breaks my ❤️…

  38. Marcos is one of the best community areas in coloma. please renew the lease and do not force marcos to close. i am not interested in any other business that would take the place of marcos.

  39. My wife and i have only been in this community for just Over Four years. I grew up in Loomis, raised my childRen in Loomis and saw this same people that have the same attitude Wanting to drive out the locals for their own selfish Reasons.
    In the short time We have been in lotus, Marcos Is a place that i tell everyone i know how Lucky we were to Have them in our community. There will never be a new Marcos. No one can get the amazing music Justin books weeKend afTer weekend. Ive talked to many people, whetHer they Are locals or vacationers, that come to chill in the river during the day and chill at marcos at nIght. We will not continue our business if Justin and Veronica are pushed out by these lowest of life people. This Will be a huge loss for Lotus. There will be anOther venue marcOs can once again bring positive vibes Back to our community. And the jerkoffs will feel it.

  40. Hello Landlords,
    ‘Marco’s Cafe’ is a unique and valued asset to the ColoMa/Lotus commUnity. Its food and outdoor music venue projects a special‘vibe’, that if gone, would greatly disAppoint all of Its supporters – And there are Hundreds!
    ‘Business is business’, but often a takeover is a mistake.
    EXTINGUISHING an extremely popular place like ‘marco’s, seems like a poorly thought out business model. It usually invites failure and Ill will.
    Please reconsider your plan.

    Thank you,
    Pete & jamie

  41. As a COMMERCIAL prop Manager in the COUNTY, i will say that Shuttering Marcos to build or DEVELOP ANYTHING else will just be a Terrible fiscal move. The locals, the raft companies and the local BUSINESSES will all band together to tell all their GUESTS and customers to boycott any BUSINESS that tries to open up in this space.
    Marcos is just that beloved. This is the COMMUNITIES MEETING space, this is a place for GENERATIONS to come together and break bread. Marcos is magical.

  42. The heartbeat of this community is being jeopardized. Shame on the representatives of Lotus for allowing this to even be an option.

    Good LuCk to the people stepping in to develop this land, you’ve got a major legacy to uphold.

    Now, who’s Got space for all of our musical geniuses To keep rocking out and allow the Boyd’s to keep feeding their family and blessing our community with their greatness?

  43. Marcos is a staple of the community. There is no other place like it and it WON’t be the same if it becomes some development. We are not a community that is afraid of progress. There are just some things that are sacred to us. Marcos is one of those. We meet new friends there, run into old friends, we can dance under the stars and listen to *our* music. We can bring our babies and our teenagers and teach them appreciation for live music and COMMUNITY while they kick off their shoes and just be kids. It’s heartbreaking to think of not having this unique and wonderful PLACE where everyone can be themselves and enjoy each other’s company. I hope there is anything we can do to keep Marcos cafe.

  44. We can’t lose Marco’s!!! There is’nt another place like this anywhere!! The First time i walked into marco’s over a decade ago it was like walking back into A place back in time growing Up in a beach town in the 60’s and 70’s where sitting around LISTENING to your friends play music wAs just What we did. I was so so happy to feel that viBe again and i am again each time i go to marco’s. You just can’t take this away from us!!!!!!!

  45. Marcos has been and should continue to be a special meeting place. In this day and age, we should be helping and encouraging small mom and pops businesses, not putting them out of buSiness. Keep this gem in our area going as loNg as they have the desire!

  46. Marcos cafe is aBsolute Cherished institution in coloma And SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES. Any BUSINESS that goes On to replace it will likely not be supported by loCals.

  47. Please don’t take Marco’s away from us!! We need to have a place like Marco’s here in town!
    It’s many peoples home away from home! We love to go here after the river to hear great music & eat great food & visit with great people!
    Marco’s is the heart of the coloma/Lotus valley, Please don’t take it away from us!!

  48. My Favorite music venue of all time. Love the vibe and casual Feel. We don’t want a new Marco’s. So so sad to see them go.

    1. I just saw a video of Justin and his crew taking down our magical place to play. I’m heartbroken and so very sad!

  49. Marcos is truly a pillar of our
    Community. The food, music and
    Friendships that are made here are heart-warming and vital to so many people. There
    Is no other place like it Nor will there ever be. I have been going to marcos for 25 years and i hope i can continue to go there for 25 more. Hopeful that this support from the
    Community can make it So. Long live marcos cafe!

  50. MARCO’S IS MY FAVORITE PLACE IN COLOMA, MOSTLY BECAUSE OF JUSTIN. HE HAS GREAT TASTE IN LIVE MUSIC, A GOOD SELECTION OF BEER AND OTHER FOOD, AND CREATES A COMMUNITY HUB THAT EVERYONE ENJOYS GOING, WE LOST THE AMERICAN RIVER MUSIC FFESTIVAL, THE SIERRA NEVADA HOUSE, AND COVID WAS DIFFICULT FOR ALL OF US. MARCO’S IS THE LAST BRIGHT SPOT FOR LIVE MUSIC IN THE AREA. JUSTIN PUTS A LOT OF TIME INTO THE RESTAURANT AND DESERVES A LONG TERM LEASE OR SOME OTHER arrangement, so he can have some security and actually put even more time into creating a community center. Justin and the community deserve more. There is no way a business like this works in that spot without him. 15 years is not long enough to enjoy it, I need more time.

  51. Me first, and Favorite, memory of marcos happened in 2007. I was a young Middle fork guide and we Arrived back in town after an EVENTFUL day. I had the opportunity to regail my friends and fellow guides with stories from the day. Since then marcos has been the spot to gather, socialize and listen to music. I cant imagine it not being here. It DOESN’T seem possible, and i don’t see how any RESTAurant or venue, could, or would even want to, takes its place. Is there any solution that enables Marcos to remain? So much value will be lost if they Leave. I hope there is an alternative.

  52. MY INTRODUCTION TO THIS COMMUNITY WAS my discoverY of marcos 20 years ago, owned by marco & beth. I found work in coloma, eventually moved here and have been going to marcos fAithfully ever since justIn took over 16 years ago.

    I’ve WItnessed a generation of kids gEtting out on the dance floor as soon as they could walk. I watched them grOw up and mature, often Under justin & veronica’s tutIlege (EMPLOYED by marcos), serving Our community with pride.

    One of my favorite memories is returning home after a few weeks abroad, aNd going straight to marcos to celebrate the “end of season” party. The staff served every kind of pizza imaginable (for free) as they cleaned out the KITCHEN pantry. everyone was rocking out, dancing on tHe tablEs! What a great “welcome home,” everyone giving hugs & happy to be together one last time before the next spring opening.

    This has been the heart & hub for our community, a safe place for family & frIends of all ages to congregate, catch up and Share RIVER storIes. Dogs aRe WELCOME At marcos & hapPy to clean up the left over food SCRAPS.

    Live Music has sprung from heRe and been A huge force of heart & soul for our community. During the pandemic, music thrived here, the one venue that drew people from the bay area & sacramento to enjoy live music in a SAFE environment.

    Marcos has always been a place for our cOmmunity to grow, create happy memories & share good times. We are a river community, we care about peopLe, family, & community. “People on the river are happy to give,…”

    It’s hard to imagine our community without marcos. I HOPE CCK IS LISTENING, This community will not support the gentrification of lotus! If cck dOesn’t understand what this community stands for, they will not, and cannot survive here!

  53. For twenty some odd years we went to Marcos. Our daughter grew up going there. And we were always talking our friends into going…. Who now love it too. The 3 of us no longer live in the area but its the place All 3 of us want to go when we visit. Wonderful MEMORIES…. A place thaT has gotten bigger and busier but has kept the same Spirit oF kindness mixed with fun and RELAXATION. Just a place to be….

  54. I have been coming to Marco’s for over 15 years and have made many special memories here. I pursued my wife here before we were married, and this year I watched my 1 yr old daughter dance on a dance floor by herself for the first time. The food and beer is always fresh and the people are always FRIENDLY. Justin, veronica and thier team have made marco’s an integral part of the community and such a great scene for families and friends.

  55. I bought my house in coloma in 1973 and have been in business in el dorado county since 1978. I have talked to alot of business people and residents that feel the same way I do about marcos. we would like to see justin maintain and own it. I, myself personally decided to do as much for my community and people as i am able to. the owner of marcos property, who also owns CCK, has never been a part of our community over the years to my knowledge. I found long ago that the more i do for my community and people the happier I am…and the healthier I am from being happy. It is my understanding that the owner of the Marcos property is terminally ill, which gives him the opportunity to do something for the community by allowing Justin to continue to run & own marcos. Maybe he would be happier, healthier and live longer. If Jim Plimpton ends up owning marcos property again, myself and the community hope he will work with justin so they can continue owning and operating marcos. It is a known fact that if a new owner takes over, there is probably 2 years worth of work to bring it up to code with the health department. but, justin has the ability to continue working with the health department & stay open. I can assure you that if justin is thrown out, our community will protest for a long time when the new owners try to open back up. Hope all is well – monte osborn

  56. The American river has been one of the most popular river for whitewater rafting for years in the US , the town of Coloma and Marco’s Has been hosting lots of rafters and friends from all over the world, that reunite there for an after river beer and pizza but mostly to gather up on a very friendly atmosphere with a background of great music and food along with faces and stories but mostly because we are a big family, Marco’s it’s a Cultural Center bringing people together and must continue … Pura Vida.

  57. Rather than repeat all of the spot on sentiments express here, I’ll just add this…
    Whatever replacement venue you put here will not be supported by locals, bands will not support it, and boaters will not promote it.
    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  58. Whoever Takes this place over and whatever it becomes, i know the majority of us locals will not spend a dime there. We will not refer anyone to it and we will not have anything good to say about it. We love our community and the people that are part of it. However One thing we don’t like Are bullys. This is a bully tactic that is effecting A families LIVELY-HOOD and the image of our town. We have lost two businesses to greed just this year so far. I truly hope that greed has a NEGATIVE effect on the ones that plan to prosper from such actions.
    We love the boyd family and wish them the best!!

  59. I have been going to Marcos since I started kayaking in 2006. And when I moved to Coloma a year and a half ago, Marcos became my place for community and meeting my neighbors. My favorite nights in Coloma have been at Marcos, dancing to our local bands such as Cayote Hill Band and Little Hurricane. I hope that, when making their business decision about the Marcos property, Keith and Tammy will factor in the damage that will be caused to the community if we loose Marcos, and the damage to the goodwill they have built up among the river lovers who connect with this area.

  60. I feel like Marco’s is the last standing symbolic piece of what coloma stands for. WE’ve lost so many positive gathering places already. Justin and Veronica worked tirelessly to give us hope and happiness of good times and vibes. They didn’t give up during Covid. they made sure we had a place to see our family and friends.
    Going to marco’s is like going to a magical world. Truly and enchanted forest. For muisicians, dancers, kids, dogs, parents, grandparents, you name it, you can’t explain the love that is felt in this cornerstone of our community. You just have to experience it for yourself. please work with justin and veronica. Find a way to help them keep this business thriving at this location. I can’t imagine this small town that I love without marco’s & justin managing it. justin and veronic’s heart beats in this location and everyone who visits feels it. You can’t think a replacement place or people will provide what marco’s is providing for us now! Save marco’s as is!

  61. Marcos is what makes coloma come together. After every good day and bad day marcos is there to go to. I always RECOMMEND it to my customers on the river. Its the best ambiance, food and Place to meet friends, new and old. Marcos is the best!!

  62. Lots of great times at this place it is definitely a staple of the community providing food, drink, music, and memories. Some things just can’t be replaced, and what the staff aT marcos Has done over the years is Irreplaceable to this community.

  63. Marcos is the gem of the foothills. It’s the best family friendly spot by the river that has great food, great music, and great vibes. You can’t take this from the community! I guarantee you that whatever you try and put in its place will not be as successful. Marcos is such a magical little place run by a well loved family that has done so much good. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  64. thank you to the marcos family for giving my rafting family and others a fun and safe place to create memories. thank you for creating a space where art and good people meet to inevitably make heart warming memories. i will never forget the dance floor and string lights, lighting up everyone’s smiling faces.

    there is no other place like it. it is perfect, just as it is! thank you.

  65. Marco’s was a place to grab a pizza and beer and chill with friends in the 90s. It evolved into the family friendly, venue for misic, celebrating and just visiting place it is today. You can’t “develop” an organic evolution like this. The boho vibe with live music and and outdoor dance area make it completely unique, there is no other place like it! The landlords are missing the spirit thAt is the FOUNDATION, The community thAt Is the backbone, and the organic growth that made Marco’s a star on the map. Mari

  66. Claire Dougherty

    Marco’s cafe is one of a Kind. Never hAve i ever been to a music/food business that feeds my soul like Marcos does. The comfort, inTimacy, vibe and energy cannot be replaced. There is no reason to fiX someThing that is not broken. Most locals will not support the new BUSINESS that is SUPPOSEDLY going to replace Marcos. This will be a hUge mistake on the property owners part. Please do not take this gEm away from our community.

  67. I have lived in coloma 4.5 years and this is my 5th season coming to MARCos. I REally CAN’T imagine this town without it. It’s easy to FEEl lost or not so connected when you come to a COMMUNITy but MARCOs has the BESt community environment of any PLace I have been. It is welcoming to all, fun, and accessible. I have come here when I want to celebrate, cry on a SHOULDEr, dance, meet friends, or make paddling friends. It is the owner, THE management, the music connections made OVEr many YEARs, the structure that creates a climate & the good vibes that create THIS..IT all comes from a strong foundation THAt took years to build. We CHERISH this SPace so much to BRING our COMMUNITy together! It is the soul of THE community. I beg the powers THAT be, out of the kindnesd of your heart, please DON’T TAKe this away from US! find SOMething else to develop instead of ripping apart our SPECIAL place just because you can..It’s the fabric of our community …You can’t PUT a material price on this kind of COMMUNITy SPACE that has been built for years! If you are unsure of WHY we value marcos so MUCH..Come join! You will see a packed place with happy connected people enjoying each OTHER’S company being inspired by some of the most incredible music! You will likely find yourself in an engaging conversation with a stranger that will leave you yearning for the next time you can come out there and connect with communiyy members again. Good for business and good FOr community. Thanks for listening and I hope you realize just how special MARCOs is to our little COLOMA Community!!

  68. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it! Clearly the community loves Marco’s just the way it is. The restAurant industry is very difficult to be successful in. “ The National Restaurant Association estimates a 20% success rate for all restaurants. About 60% of restaurants fail in their first year of operation, and 80% fail within 5 years of opening.” Marco’s is a rare 25 year success Story. Please don’t allow your bravado as landlords to cloud your vision as to how diffIcult it will be to replace what has become a community institution. Even with the support of the community Your odds of success are stacked against You and you clearly will not have the support of the community If we lose Marco’s.

  69. Marcos is more than just a bussiness, it’s a community Hub. It’s a scene that justin has been developing for years. It’s one of a kind, and an important GATHERING place and music venue for so many of us locals. Coloma would not be the same without it. It’s a shame the owners think they can take Over and duplicate his success. Without the vibe And the People that Justin attracts, It’s just another Pizza joint. I hope the owners reconsider their decision. Ideally they woUld sell him the building. He’s earned it. He’s made marcos what it is. Or at least give him a fair extended lease so he can operate with confidence. If they indeed force him out and tRy to copy his model, i for one will Be boycotting marcos cafe, aNd i encourage all locals to do the saMe. Some things can’t be bought, and the FEELING of comradery in the marcos commUnity Is one of them.

  70. Marco is a SPECIAL place in a SPECIAL COMMUNITY it breaks my heart to he this news. I hope that THINGS get reSolved.

  71. Marco’s is my favorite place to hang out on summer evenings. I bring my 7 year old daughter with me and she loves it. She enjoys the free range she has at marcos because i feel complEtely safe with her running around making friends, Dancing, playing with her hula hoop. She is always safe and she always finds friends to play with. Im devastated to hear this will be going away. There really is no other place Like marco’s its a magical little spot.

  72. Apparently the owners of california canoe and kayak plan to destroy this legendary gathering place for our community by kicking marcos out and and trying to “make it better” with food trucks. Marcos is fine the way it is. You cannot “make it better”. to not compromise with the boyd familly to come to a fair long-term lease solution (or sale) is very hurtful to the entire coloma-lotus community. we thought you cared about paddlers… show us how much you care by at least listening to and engaging with the boyd familly and the local community. Keith and Tammy, please rethink your inflexibility on this issue.

  73. Loosing marcos would be such a loss for thiS community – Its a space that cant be recreated by anyone Else. We have been enjoYing marcos ever since we moved here and our son loves being able to play with all the other kids whenever we go, and as parents we love that its a safe space for kids to play while the adults can rElax and cOnnect. Please dont Take marcos Away from our Community!

  74. I am 78.9 years old and have been going to MARCOS for about 23 years. If you take this place away it would be tragic. I have seen young people and old people enjoy this place. Last week I suffered a stroke and all that i could think about was going to marcos one more time to sing on open mic night. I took my 2 grandchildren and we sang “whiskey and you”. The crowd loved us. it made a memory to last a lifetime. i just got a call from one of the 2 and he said,”are we going to go to marcos this thursday”. to which i replied “hell yah”! Do not take marcos away from us.

    1. stephanie Baldwin

      We were there and talked to you. You guys made our weeK And we left Praying that the magic moments that only marcos and the boyd family can create doesn’t stop. Thank you for sharing your love on thursday. ❤️

  75. This place is made possible by the loving souls who work there every Day. You cannot replace that. Don’t Even try.

    Let this love continue, Don’t interrupt it. It will serve no one in any way better than what we have here now.

  76. What a disappointment to lose marcos! Ive lived here for 24 years and marcos has Always been a wonderful place to be. I love the atmosphere and the People (a grest mix of
    Locals and visitors). My kids have Had so
    Much fun there. It will be hard to Feel good about And support what ever comes next. We will miss you!

  77. coloma without marcos won’t feel like coloma at all. It has been the spirit of this place for so long. Living in a seasonal town, we enjoy the peace & Quiet of winter. But we all itch with anticipation for the opening of marcos each year. A chance for us to come out of hibernation, connect with our community, enjoy amazing fresh food, and the best line up of musicians from near & Far within el dorado county. Marcos is a hub for connection. For a small town we tear it up, thanks to this family friendly venue we all love & Cherish! I cannot imagine Spring, summer or fall without marcos. It will be an end to an era we will all morn. We are all willing to do whatever we can to see this place stay open & continue to be the rock & the Heart of This Small town we all lovE!

  78. This has been the place to be since we moved here 12 years ago.
    Hipnosis will see you all on the last weekend in october.
    We miss you already. FInd a new location fast. . please

  79. a place like marco’s is what makes this a special area to visit, and supports the even more special kind of local community found in lotus/coloma. it’s the type of place i look for when i’m traveling. being an optimistic type, i’m still hoping for a last minute miracle, and that the owners come realize what an opportunity they are squandering, just keeping it going.

  80. This Hits hard. There is no place else like marcos. It has this magical vibe that is irreplaceable. I hope The love all Of us have for it Keeps this place going!

  81. Marco’s changed my life. The friends, music, and people I’ve met here are like no other, it’s magic. I hope we can keep the magic alive! There isn’t another Marcos, never could be.

  82. I love Marcos Cafe!! My summer does not OFFICIALLY begin until they open and I am able to have a pasta salad w/chicken. Please, please, Please find a way to keep it open.

  83. We moved to Coloma/lotus five years ago and started our family here. Our daughter especially loves going to see music at Marco’s; it can be hard to get her to leave without tears because she has so much fun! Packs of kids run around because there are always people you know there keeping an eye on the kids while the adults get to spend time together. Marco’s truly nourishes the social soul of our community. We learned during the pandemic just how much we need social CONNECTION. I HAD HOPED OUR KIDS WOULD GROW UP GOING TO MARCOS. It’s devastating to lose such a vital source of socialization In our community just as we’ve been able to gather again.

  84. Marcos is a living landmark to our small community. We can’t imagine what next summer will be like without hearing beautiful music fill the air and have locals and visitors, from all over, gather for a unique night of fun … the likes that cannot be found anywhere else. The loss of Marcos will leave a hole in the community that will not be easily replaced. We have enjoyed having Marcos be part of our lives for all these years, and truly wish it could remain here with us forever.
    Long time residents, Rob and Jacque Hughes

  85. It has been completely evident of Justin’s passion to create a safe,happy,family environment for the community to gather for great fresh food and great music!!!!
    We need to keep Marcos going!

      1. What about the building across the street that had the hydroponics shop …it might work…I can’t fathom loosing such a wonderfully loved place that made us all feel safe and happy to be at. We need you Marcos and I truly believe that this community is true to you Marcos…I’m not sure that the owners will be able to steal you away from us…we are pons in the game of profit! We stand Strong to continue supporting Marcos in every way we can. We are not going to roll over and ignore what your motives are. Justin and the boys family have worked hard to create this awesome venue and we, the people are not going to let it go easily and we won’t support your theivery. The Boyds deserve what they’ve built and we will forever support them…think about this…we love what Justin has created for us…and we will follow and support him! I will not support the owners business and I’m sure others won’t either. We stand by our people! This is very sad indeed, and we will not forget this…think about that! You will fail if you rob Justin of what he has worked so long and hard to create. We will not forget!

        1. We are NOT pons in the game of profit…we are devoted to Justin and his family. After all, he created this venue and no one gets to steal it from him!

    1. There needs tO Be a petition for this. Coloma/lotus is not the same WITHOUT marcos. I worked there for 6 years its a part of home aNd a place where the community comes together for fun and food. Like shit what would we all do if marcos is gone????!!!!

  86. Marcos is magical. The music is magical. Food and drink is sublime.
    Marcos can never be replaced.
    I dreamed a riverside location will open up.
    We can hope, and dream.
    Doc and Marci.

  87. Ruby Duarte Sanchez

    I LOVE MARCOS! We love marcos!
    I spent an entire summer up in lotus after my extern. I was waitIng to Start a neW job in san luis obIspo.
    . Needless to say marcos was somewhere I could go when i was hungry and when i just wanter to meet great people and dance! The commUnity is lovely and i felt like family. I still make it a point to visit every year, even though i do not live in the area anymore.
    Norcal is my heart and marcos was my peace!
    This place has always Been nothing but love for all ages! No violence ever! Peace and unity brought together by good food and music has always been the Vibe.
    Marcos is somehow suspended in “good times”
    For being up in the sticks…it draws a unique, respectful, awesome Group of folks!
    It is a true treasure to all that visit,
    Marcos remains unchanged by the current turmoil of the times.
    So many seek happiness here, and they never DISAPPOINT.
    The community would be forever changed if We lost MArcos.

  88. lYNN & jIM sCHARDT

    We have enjoyed coming to Marcos for years… meeting friends, enjoying music in a relaxed outdoor setting where we can bring our dog with us. Can’t think of another place we’ve been able to reliably enjoy good food, good beer/wine with the perfect balance of AMBIANCE and CAMARADERIE. It is the beATING HEART OF lOTUS, WITHOUT WHICH THE VALLEY WILL GO QUIET.

  89. When i think of coloma i think of marcos – this has Been a blessing to The area.. Great food, bands, And wOnderful people. Please doN’t change the small town vibe! Im sadden to hear the owner will not be workIng with the amazing owners whom have deDicated tHeIr life to this business and their community.

  90. This wouLd Be such a hUge loss to this community. They are so welcoming to anyone. From anywhere. And any walk of life. PleAse. Lets keep the vibe alove and keep this amazing venue up and running.

  91. Truly the best place And may the only local place where people from All ages, backgrounds, locals and visitors can celebrate the summer vibe with great bands, food and brews! Justin and Veronica create a music Festival for all. Kids playing , adults daNcing, peOple laughing and smiling. Save this place! Its the heart of our community.

  92. Marcos was the beginning of many bands, that place brings musicians and music lovers together and creates a beautiful environment to grow. Losing marcos will be a devastating blow to the seasonal community, and much more so to us that live here. 💔 it breaks my heart..
    Buck Earnest
    Rubber Bullet Band

  93. Marcos is the place to be all summer long. It’s fun, family friendly and we have so many memories there. My daughter got on stage during open mic night and played her ukelele.. and then ran off and danced her heart out. I feel safe there- like she can run free and be a kid and nothing would happen to her. Justyn and his family live here and I love t0 support out local business.
    It makes me sad to think Marcos will not be there next year. I don’t want them replaced by something else. We love you guys

  94. i have lived & worked in Lotus for over 30 years, In that there has never been anything that has come close to matching what Marco’s community. Marcos has served as the central gathering and socializing location for members of this community from all walks of life and professions as well as for the tourists that keep our community alive, ever since it’s inception by Marco.

    Justin & Veronica have done a marvelous job not only carrying that torch but also adding imense value to our community by the love and hard work they have put into Marco’s to make it better then it was before. Under their care it has thrived as a venue bringing art, Music, food, and an open, Loving, friendly and safe space for everyone of all ages who lives in or visits Lotus.

    As someone who owns and operates a business in lotus i can say without a doubt that no one could step in and replace Justin & Veronica, nor duplicate what they have done.

    To lose Marco’s would be a heavy and costly blow to everyone & everything in Lotus and the surrounding area.

  95. stephanie Baldwin

    Marcos is the heartbeat of our sleepy river town. It’s our version of cheers, where everybody knows your name. It’s a safe haven in a time of social instaBility. Its hippies and cowboys. Its everything that is good in this worLd. The vibe created by justin and veronica can not be replicated nor should it trY to be. Removing this treasure from our river community is like drainIng the river of all its gold. Im hopeful that this isn’t the end. I believe in the GooD in People.

  96. We’ve been to Marcos throughout it’s entire existence in coloma/lotus. Sincerely feel that it adds a level of culture, inclusion, entertainment, and deliscious treats. Locals, tourists, young and old have consistently enjoyed their times at Marcos. I support any effort for Marcos to remain as it has been for so many of us, thriving and nourishing.

  97. Can We get the BUILDING deemed historIc!??

    One cannot forget MarCos, the people it brings toGether & The feeling Of being present. love & High frequency Are felt by all who are foRtunate Enough to Experience the food, FESTIVITIES, music & more.

    While cHange is Inevitable, there is a soLution! Let’s find it!!

  98. Marcos is an amAzing Place. People gatHer there as a commUnity to Enjoy food, music and good vibes. It needs to conntiNuE! LosiNg it would be a GreaT loss to the coloma/loTus community.

  99. Marcos Cafe has Become a cornerstone of this Community’s Identity, culture, and Lovely memories. Being one that spends A lot of time enjoying the river, ending The day at Marco’s is Always a highlight. So many wonderful people and performances! I will Be greatly saddened by this loss.

  100. “….A place like marcos….”

    That just simply won’t happen. Marco’s is irreplaceable and unreplicable.

    There is not a music venue within 100 miles that has a fraction of the energy that Marco’s has.

    The staff and patrons are all incredible. The community won’t be the same without marco’s.

  101. As a musician and a music fan, marco’s has been a mainstay for myself and my family in lotus. My band debuted on the deck at marco’s and justin has given us many a chance to show the community what we can do. Taking this place away is not progress for the community. it seems quite the opposite to me. We do not plan to support any business that occupies that lot if marco’s is pushed out. I can speak for myself and my musical acts, that we will not support any venue that attempts to replace marco’s. many musicians feel the same. i’m prepared to say farewell, it’s unfortunate, but, all things come to an end.

  102. I can’t imagine not being able to go to Marco’s. The music, the people and the food make this a one and only place. I sincerely hope this isn’t the end. Save Marco’s!

  103. So many FANTASTIC MEMORIES at Marcos with my HUSBAND and now my dauGhter. Please save this COMMUNITY gem. I Want to continue buiLding memories here.

  104. We moved to lotus after we had Our little girl and finding out Marcos did live music 5 times a week in summer was so great… close to home and family frIendly. Now we have two little girls and we just love going down for dinner and a fun dance party. SO maNy memories made there and we really hope to be abme to make so many more there… a fun and safe place to be yourself and enjoy local bands… why would you want to take that Away from this communitY????

  105. Marcos is the heart and soul of coloma lotus! We need this place! Honestly cant imagine what it woukd be like without it… To thibk that anyone woukd want to remove or replacE marcos iS Just ridiculous! If there is another business thet replaces it the COMMUNITY and i will go To the most exTreme levels of boycott this county has evwr seen. Let me make it clear… i spEnd a lot of time and monEy here as so many locals. This is the only real social outlet For the locals and ita seasonal. Ripping marcos out if the community is just wrong and it would be terrible for me personally and Horrible for anyone else who holds this place deaR as i do . Please do not so this! Be fair, Show aome respect and have somw dignity. Please!!!!.

  106. Marco’s is an absolute community. Much more than just a busines/restaurant/music venue. Justin & family have built something, that, along with all the bands, artist, and patrons of the establishment that is greater than the sum of the parts. to lose this establishment as it is known would be a devestating blow to all those who have helped make it what it is. Sometimes change is inevitable, but in this instance change is ruining a special thing. Please keep marco’s as it is and let it continue to grow with justin & all the others who have been a part of this scene.

  107. Please keep Marco’s in place ss a positive And vital component ofvthe Coloma/Lotus Valley And places beyond…i live in Sacramento.

  108. We just moved back to the area, and every home we looked at, mApping the distance to marco’s was one of the first things we did. My son grew up coming here, even though we lived hours away. Some of my favorite memories are hanging out with JB at Marco’s, When it was still marco’s and beth’s. Justin Has tAken a great place, and grown it into the center of a mn incred community, one that Goes beyond The river and into the foothills, and further. In all the places i’ve lived and spent tIme, i’ve never seen the equal of what marco’s has become. Even if it could be recreated, it would take another 25 years, and the countless hours sPent, to approach what it is now.

  109. Marco’s is the backbone of the community here in Coloma. river guides, kayakers, local community members – everyone comes here to hang out and enjoy the music. the first time we ever visited coloma back in 2000, marco and beth were good enough to welcome us and put some random strange british kayakers up for the night… Please Help Justin and team continue the longstanding good work!

  110. AFTER a day on the river, marcos Is where i want To be. There are few places in coloma that has established A sense of community such as marcos. I wOuld be sad to see it go. Its disheaRtEning to hear that a landLord is not willing to work with marcos to establish a longer term solution For a bUsiness that obviously means so much to the community, especially during these challenGing times.

  111. I started going to Marcos 3 years ago and have had such wonderful times there. It is a wonderful family friendly establishment that should stay. I understand theres change in life but this is not for the better. This just happened to the yogart shop also. Seems like greed over community to me. lets keep the greed out of our community.

  112. Please provide Marco’s cafe with a long term commercial lease. One that is standard in operating a commercial business such as this. If not a lease, then please intertain the offer of the Boyd family to purchase the property as they have requested. Marco’s cafe is a staple in the community and has grown to something special. It will not be duplicated or reinvinted or even come close to what it has become in recent years. The momentum, the community vibe, the excellent music and fun for the whole family is unmatched. I’ve supported small business in the coloma valley for nearly 30 years and would ask the same from you as the landlord here. Seems like you have been making money off the coloma valley for years and perhaps it’s time to actually give back. This would be that time to do so. This is a local family operating a growing business and the entire community is enjoying it. Please continue Marco’s legacy and do coloma proud. Its the right thing to do. Save marco’s as it is today. Jared noceti

  113. We visited the Coloma area for a rafting trip many years ago and Marcos was the place we came upon one night looking for something in the little town to do. We had a great time dancing outdoors with the band playing and others there that night. Years later we decided to make the move up here and Marcos became a go to spot for dinner and entertainment. I would also get the opportunity to work there one summer when I needed work. It was a life changing experience getting to work with such beautiful people, the owners, as well as my chance to meet more people in the area. Not only is it a great place for tourists, but for us that live around the area as well! I can’t imagine any other business being able to replace what Marco’s Cafe does and brings to the community. If changes are to be made then let’s figure out how to help expand it, not end what it has brought the community and tourists for so many years!

  114. This is a grEat ResTaurant ive grown up going to marcos and have never onCe have had any bad service I love all of the workers and they provide such great customer service along with building a family relationship with every customer. They are the reason i love going camping in coloma and awaiTing to have fun with music dancing anf great food !! This pulls the locals and non locAls toGether to have a great time and greater memories. They are truly The heart of the summer season !!

  115. Please consider The positive CONTRIBUTION to the COMMUNITY that Marco’s has had & continues to have. This is a beloved gathering Place.

  116. I Can’t imagine the coloma lotus valley without marco’s. I trUly hope something can be workEd out to save this iconic spot owned and operated by the BEAUTIFUL and lOcal!!! Boyd famiLy.

  117. MarcO’s has Been one of the CENTER peices of the coloma COMMUNITY for years. It breaks our Hearts to think Of what will be lost if they are unable to continue.

  118. Marcos Cafe is the symbol of community! I came to this little town almost 20 tears ago on a birthday rafting trip and never left. I’ve witnessed this place transform over the years into what it is today and cannot even entertain the idea that it will no longer exist. I’ve seen, as well as cREAted, so many beautiful memories at Marcos and always hoped that my children would one day get to have the same, if not better, experiences that Marco provides for our community. I truly hope that Marcos can continue to operate as it is, but will absolutely support it no matter the location. Praying for a miracle!!! Sending much love and hope,

    Sabrina ❤

  119. You WILL be doing A very bad thing For our community if you take our beloved Marco’s away. Please don’t let this be the first thing you do when moving here. Stop trying to change the coloma/lotus community.

  120. Such a great place for the community (young and old) to gather, along with the good food and music. The Boyd family is the reason for its success. Keep them there!

  121. Marco’s is the pillar of this small community, it brings people together like no other place on the divide. I have been going here for many years, enjoying the great food, amazing people and incredible music. My crew of friends and family look forward every year spending magical moments down at Marco’s. We don’t want anyone to change it! Please let Justin Boyd continue his passion in creating an amazing space for our community, we love him, his family and Marco’s.

  122. This is a local landmark that the whOle community looks forwRd to enjoying every season. We dont want or need any outside influnces changing our conmunity!!!!

  123. Marcos…. The reason we Renew our camping membership nextdoor every year. So we can walk next door, for food, fun and most of all, great music!! Every summer. A tradition that i hope will somehow CONTINUE.
    Thank you justin and to tHe great staff and tHe amazing musicians. Hoping something can be worked out so the tradition. of many can carry on!

    1. Marcos is the heart of coloma/lotus and one of the Few commUnity centers that exist in our area. The music, food and drink and good times are just The surface of what this place means to all of us. camarAderie and the welcoming atmosphere are at the core of the tone set by justin and his staff. Losing it would be heartbreaking, as it is truly irreplaceable.

  124. My daughter’s on-stage “debut” was at marco’s: I will never forget Teacher lisa putting 2-year-old Amelia on her lap and strumming out “Twinkle Twinkle” on her fiddle during a break in the music – to uproaring applause 😉
    from that day forward, we couldn’t go past Marco’s without Amelia saying “Marco’s, i want go Marcos!”
    Marcos is the first and one of the only places I’ve ever felt I could let my kid run free and socialize with the tribe of other kids while I was able to relax and enjoy myself. this kind of place is far and few between, and a unique part of what makes LoCol what is is for me.
    i am devastated at the thought of it no longer being what it is. I will make my feelings known, and will wholeheartedly support any efforts to resurrect this community-focused institution in another location.
    devoted fan,

      1. My family and i love marcos. we’ve been going for years. Please renew their lease. Its One of the best spots in the community! Don’t take it away from us!

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